Tuesday, February 12, 2013

6202  Being pursues us with questions that cannot be answered.  Being offers us the tool of Reason.  Being argues the argument in our place.  The arguing goes on through the long night.  You must stand and wait.  All attempts at getting these warriors of Being to lay down their swords are cur-tailed.

The people have learned to hate philosophical argument.  But it is God with us.  Theology is anti-life, otherworldly.  It destroys pleasure.  Except for the one addicted to love.  Pointless, ordered agitation.  A twisted ordering.  Fire.  More questions, more answers, more questions.  Then the absurdity of a perfect resolution.  At the end no one can deny the argument.  Thus no one can deny God.  God is this pressing of the point.  The Paraclete will help you but he will also make you hopelessly fall into love's incessant turning.

Or do you disagree?  We have time to argue.  And really we have nothing else.

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