Thursday, December 27, 2012

6122  Parmenides is famous for denying the existence of becoming and passing away.

Thus is becoming chased away and destruction not to be found out.

Non-existence cannot come to be and existence cannot cease to be.  If all things thinkable exist and their becoming unthinkable is unthinkable, then they cannot cease to exist.  The logic is tight.  So what are we to think of this world of seeming change? Of the becoming and destruction all around us?  Is it all error?  It is the middle world.  The everyday, ordinary world.  The world at which we dare not look with a precise looking.  As Augustine and Descartes said, I understand time perfectly as long as I don't think about what it is.  A close reading of existence, so far from the work-a-day world, reveals marvels of stillness.  And a slight divine madness in oscillation.  Decide which you want and go with it.  I prefer Being against becoming.  De gustibus non disputandum est.  Does it really matter?

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